Digital models leverage the power of technology to deliver significant benefits to dental professionals.

Digital Models are produced through a patented laser scanning process that delivers extreme accuracy, clarity, and resolution. As a result, more accurate measurements and analyses are produced in comparison to the manual plaster models. We scan the positive model of the impression which delivers extremely high accuracy than other companies that do a CT scanning..

Friendly-Using digital 3-D models rather than the traditional plaster models helps the environment while delivering other benefits.

Study models usually take up large storage space. The use of 3D models results in major cost savings because it allows for digital storage of the study models.

Increased Efficiency:
Digital study models deliver measurable time savings and speed to diagnosis, treatment planning, and patient education processes.

Increasing Revenues:
The use of the state-of-the-art digital consultation capabilities engages patients in the treatment planning process and increases the probability of treatment adoption ultimately resulting in increased revenues.

Easy Sharing:
The Digital models can be accessed at any time and displayed on thescreen for presentation to the patient or printed to create real study models.

Study models usually take up large storage space. The use of 3D models results in major cost savings because it allows for digital storage of the study models.
One of our company services is virtually creating 3D digital study models for the orthodontics field.

The 3D models have high quality because:

1- The models are made exactly from your impression. Computer software is not used to create a nicer and smoother look. Most companies who work in this field do so. Therefore, your models do no look the same as the impression that was first taken.

2- Other companies decrease the resolution of the model to save computer space and money for their company. Thus, vital details of the virtual model do not show. This is notably visible when the model is printed three dimensionally as a real model. Here, the 3D digital models and the impression are identical.

3- Other companies make their 3d models by taking a CT scan of the impression, and then convert it to 3d model which gives poor resolution and low accuracy compared with direct scanning from a positive model. In consequence, we use a positive model to deliver more accurate models.

4- The software is important part because you want to study one model, measurement and relationship of upper and lower jaw then you need to have a simple software to do these very easy and comfortable. Our software is very user friendly and very simple to learn very fast.

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How can we begin the process with your company?
First send us an email and request an account number. Next create an account on our portal system which can be accessed through our website.
After you registration is finished, we will send you plastic bags and boxes for which you can use to send us your impressions.
Do we have to pay for shipping?
Yes, you need to pay for the shipping unless there are 10 or more cases in your box.
How much is it cost per 3d digital model?
The cost varies bases on your service needs. Email us at for details.
If you have more questiones?
Please send your questions by contact us form then we will put answer here.