Modern Technic Corp. is an international service provider for all orthodontists, with over 20 years of experience in the dental field. Mary Emamipour, CEO of Modern Technic Corp is a licensed guidance counselor and a dental technician of 8 years. She worked at Glidewell laboratory making bridges and crowns and later began working with the CAD/CAM system in 2007. Dr. Fereidoon Valadkhani, DDS, the director of Modern Technic Corp., has extensive knowledge of dental sciences and orthodontics. In high school, Dr. Valadkhani studied mathematics and physics and later received a certificate for these in 1984. In 1985 he obtained other certificates to honor his immense understandings of advanced experimental sciences during high school. Then in 1990 Dr. Valadkhani graduated as a dental hygienist. Next he began working at the IRAN University of Medical Sciences and received his medical degree in dentistry. Together Mary Emamipour and Dr. Fereidoon Valadkhani presented their 3d digital model as a solo business in 2006 and after two years established Modern Technic Corp. Conjoining their knowledge, experience and efforts, they formed a company that offers a wide variety of quality services and is sure to leave customers satisfied with their results.